Had a rough week.

Am happy for the peaceful morning.

Live in the now.

Dont worry about what you have no control over.

Be grateful for everything, especially the small things.

Take care of you.

It shall pass.

Today I went for a walk for the first time in a long time. It feels so good to walk again. I am so happy I am feeling better.

The drs said I would always be sick, need medication, no cure… They were wrong!

I have not had any medication in 6 months! Not even a tylenol!

Natural stuff is the way to go. That is what helped me.

I am determined to take better care of me. I want to be healthy.

He stays so calm. All the time. Not me. I get uspet about stuff. I told him to teach me how to stay calm. He says it is not worth getting upset about. No good is going to come from me thinking about it. You cannot change it by thinking about it. It is not going to do me any good to think about it. He is right. I have been really just repeating this stuff over and over when I get obsessive. it helps.

The other day I went to my niehgbors cottage for the day. I went to the beach. I was the only one there. It was warm and sunny. I laid there for 2 hours. It was so nice. Especially so quiet and peaceful. The water was cool. I only put my feet in. Later on I went back to the cottage and had lunch. After that I went back to the beach. A few people were now there. I laid there some more. It was so nice. I really can appreciate peaceful days.

It is fun to register for a shower and then look online to see what you got. I know I shouldnt but it is FUN!

I wish everyone would fill them out. Not just assume we know what the hell they are doing. why is this so hard?

This sounds funny. I cannot stand people complaining anymore. Especially about little things. I think people complain because I am a good listener.

I dont want to hear anymore complaining. Especially about my wedding. I better not hear ANY that day!

I want a new job. I dont know what though. It has been months and I still dont know. People ask what do you love. I want a job that has less stress than the one I have now. I want a job with nice people. I want a job with benefits. I want a job with good pay. I want a job with good hours. I want to be happy. Any ideas?

We went to a benefit today. A man needs a kidney and pancreas transplant. I really hope he gets better. He is such a nice guy. So many people were there. Lots of baskets, food… We won 3 free oil changes. That is good because I need one now. We really didnt have extra money to go to it but we did. I really believe when you give it comes back. Today it came right back. That was nice.

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