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When my husband got sick some people were there for us. I thank God for them. Some fell off the side of the earth. That hurt. However I learned that many of them did not know what to say or do so they choose to do nothing..

If you have a dying friend just say – I dont know what to say…Bring over a dinner….Visit with them and talk to them. We liked when people came over and distracted us for a short time. …Tell us you care….Send a card…Say a prayer…Just sit and listen to the sick person…Send an email……

What goes around comes around….. 


30 year old Widow, daughter, sister, cousin, neighbor, friend, and now engaged to be married

1. I will survive ANYTHING.

2. Live each day as your last.

3. Do the things in life NOW that you want to do. Dont wait for tomorrow.

4.  You can communicate with your loved one on the other side.

5. Grief is like a beach ball. Suppressing it will only make it pop someday.

6. Grief is complicated, many symptoms, takes time…

7.I have learned to cherish everyone and every moment.

8. Take care of yourself, spiritually, physically and mentally. All 3 need to be taken care of.

9. Listen to your inner voice. It is right…

10. Love never ends…………………….

Signs from the dead. Some people believe in them. Some people don’t. I never really did until it all happened to me. I thought people were crazy. I ask for signs. I ask for help in recognizing them. I find them comforting. I have seen my dearly departed husband. He looked like a real person. When I saw him I thought he was real. Others have seen him or the white flash as they call it. I have heard his voice clearly. One time I turned around because it seemed he was there. I have felt him. That is really cool. I have felt his arms around me. The signs have comforted me, encouraged me and given me hope. I know he is watching over me and that love never ends…   

There are many things that I have tried to cope with my grief. They worked for me. They are counseling, medication, crystal healings, support groups, reiki, prayer,….Each person needs to want help and find what works for them.

No one wants to talk about it.

No one knows what to say.

It is given 3 days and thats it.

That is the problem.

Society needs to talk about dying, death and healing.

If we did talk about it more, everyone would handle it better.

The dying would die in peace.

People would know how to act around the dying.

Death is only a change of worlds. If you had this belief it would comfort you.

For the widow/widower to understand grief ( it is complicated and never ending) would be helpful..

 My hope is that this blog helps you…

I never would of believed that if someone told me this when I lost my husband. But it is TRUE!

I started this blog to help everyone heal. I hope to give advice for people dying, people caring for the dying and for those left behind.

I cared for my husband when he had cancer. I became a widow at the age of 30. I am in the process of healing…

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