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I am sick. I have not been this sick in over a year. Send healing energy to me please..


I believe in saying affirmations. I notice when I do I feel better. Sometimes I write them over and over. Or until my attitude changes. They are healing. I am working on today-

1. I am safe.

2. I am loved.

3. I love and accept myself.

4. I speak up what I feel.

5. I release the past and welcome the new.

6. I am worthwhile.

7.All is WELL..

Peace. Health and Happiness to everyone today……….

What goes around comes around.

 I have seen it over and over… We all get what we put out.

I love that tv show. I look forward to watching it every week. Anyone else watch it?

I used to work with this man. He was the nicest guy. He got hurt at work. I have not seen him at all until the other day. I hope the universe heals him. He so deserves it. I feel bad for him. Anyways he told me sorry about not coming to my husbands funeral that he had surgery then. I could not believe it. How nice of him to mention it. I would not of expected to see him either. I was really touched. It was so nice to run into a true sincere person.

Universe please help him. Heal him, his body. The other person at work caused his injury. He does not deserve it. Please send him the help he needs. Help him feel better.

One day I was sleeping. I felt these arms around me. Like a bear hug. I was so scared. I opened my eyes and I could not see anyone. Then I realized it was my husband. It was so real. It was great. I have not felt his hugs in a long time. He came back to help me alot because it was so hard.  One medium also told me about that I get hugs from behind. It was confirmation but I already knew they were from him!

I love the saying leap and the net will appear.

I am doing that now. I am changing careers. I am actually doing lots without seeing the net yet. But I will trust and have faith. It is a little scary but the universe has always taken care of me.. In the years to come I will be happy about what I did. 

I was told by a medium that my departed husband wants to write me a letter for when I get married. He wrote the best letters. Everyone always commented on everything he did for me. He was so sweet and sensitive. I really miss that. I know his letter will be wishing me and my new husband well. How sweet is that. It has been years since he was here and years since I got a letter. I am so excited to get another.  I have all of his in my fireproof box.

Gone but not forgotten

although we are apart

your spirit lives within me

forever in my heart 

This website explains things in a nice way.. I found it helpful.

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