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My fiancee and I are reading the book The Five Love Languages. It is helping us with our relationship. I am so happy. It is an easy read. It is amazing how much it has helped and we are only through 3 chapters. Yesterday he gave me a rose. So sweet. It made my day.


Tonight I felt my husband talking to me. Saying hi, he loves me, misses me, glad I am getting married, happy… Then I feel the need to turn on the radio. This song is playing. It is a country one. It says I still feel you. It says that over and over. The tears were flowing. it was so real. It was him. We still feel each other. I know when he is around. I can feel it. It is so cool. I was told once I could be a medium. I saw one and she compared herself to me. I thought wow. I wonder if that is what I am supposed to do. Sort of scary. But if hearing from a loved one helps someone heal then it is worth it. I would like a sign of confirmation – universe. Please let me know.

I felt better this afternoon. I was able to stand without being in pain. It was great. Then we went for dinner. Ice tea. It set my body off. I cannot believe one glass of it can affect me. It did and still is. I had nothing and as soon as I had half the glass I felt it. ugh. My dinner was good. We decided no more eating out. Too many times I do well and then we go out and this happens. It will save us money and stop this. Someday my body will be back to normal. Time for affirmations.

I am healthy.
My body heals itself.
I forgive myself.
My body is healthy- always.
I am normal.
I am strong.
I am safe.
I am loved.
I am better.

I read the book the Four Agreements. In one part of it it says you have every right to ask questions. You may get a yes or no but you can ask questions. I have been doing that in situations and it is helping with life.

I love music by Steven Halpern. I recently orderd some new cds. They had a sale buy 3 get 2 free and shipping and handling for only 2.98. So bascially I got 5 for $50. That is great. Especially since they are healing cds. Some of his music has subliminal messages that our subconscious hears. It then reprograms our brain and thinking. They have cds for everything- dieting, smoking, money, sleep, relax, etc. I have the relax one. It works wonders for me. One of the new ones I ordered is for intimacy. It has messages for the partners to help open up to each other. I am going to play it all day when my fiancee is here. HA. I cannot wait to get the cds..

I am loved.
I am safe.
I am protected.
I am guided.
I am at a perfect weight.
I am healthy.
I am assisted.
I am supported.
I am successful.
I am musclely. HA
I am strong.
I am wonderful.
I am beautiful.

It always feel good to make a list like this. Everyone try it!

Last night I went to bed early. I was whipped. I had energetic corrections done earlier in the day. Today when I woke up I barely could get up. I forced myself up because I had a hair appointment. When I got there they told me it had to be rescheduled because the girl was sick. They said they had the wrong phone number listed for me. Oh well. Then today I had a couple more corrections done. Now I am really tired. But it is OK because I AM GETTING BETTER!!!! This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!

I spent most of today cleaning. I have been avoiding it. I got rid of lots of junk and put some stuff away. It is so liberating. The less out the better. The less to dust.. I still have so much stuff for only one person.

My cousin ( who set this blog up) won 2 grants for her school library. That is great. So many times libraries have books that are older than dirt. Kids need good books to read and good models. Reading is the foundation for everything! Teaching kids touches the future. Good job cuz! I always knew you were a winner.

So my dad has been having trouble with his foot. I talked to my kinesologist today. He did a correction for him. I later called my dad and asked him how he was doing. He said today is the best day I have had so far. He said did you have that guy work on me. I said yes. He is amazed. It is so amazing. I get so excited talking about it.. It has made such a wonderful difference with me! This is the healing mode of the fur