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We are going to Hawaii!!! We are so excited!!!


Today I got an engagement card. It had a powerful verse on it. It says “We have no say over the hand dealt us in life, but we do have a lot of control over how this hand is played.” It then says”It wasnt always easy, but you worked through the hard times and overcame the obstacles and here you are with a whole world of possibilities awaiting you. It was from the lady that made my quilt from my husbands clothes. Wasnt that so sweet of her? The card and her thoughtfulness really spoke to me.

Nothing that happens to you is bad as long as you learn and grow from it.

Last night I went to the mall. I got to walk around and shop. Not a big deal to most people but to me it was like I won the lottery. It was so nice to do that. I have missed it. I am so happy my health is improving each day. I know I will be completely healed soon. I can feel it. From all that I have gone through from my health to losing my husband I am grateful for everything I can do and everything I have.

We all have fetishes. Mine is washcloths and towels. I have over 100 washcloths. HA For one person. ha ha ha.. What is yours?

This is great!!! The pics are beautiful!!! The messages are powerful… Enjoy.

Well I finally found the anger stage. I realized it today. Today I was working outside and was missing my husband working with me and hated working alone. Then I got mad at my bf for not being here to help me. Then I thought about it. It has nothing to do with my bf. However I get mad because my husband is not here and therefore put my anger on my bf. It was a revelation for me. It explains why my bf aggitates me alot. He really doesnt. It is just me shifting my feelings to alleviate the pain. I am glad I am aware of it now. My bf is great and does not deserve it. I really have no idea how he puts up with me. I need a break from me at times.

Finally I feel calm today. So thankful. It was a rough few days. It helps to be outside alot. That keeps me grounded and calm. So thankful for it…

I have lots on my mind lately. I try to tell myself it will all work out. It is hard for me. I am a planner. I like being organized. I dont go with the flow. I just have major things going on now. Health, Job, Moving, Getting Married…Grief still. Lately I hate being alone. I was used to it. Now I hate it again. Too much time alone gives me too much time to think.. Will I be happy if I do this or that? SHould I do this? How will this work? I have been moody all day. Time to go to bed I guess. This really is not helping.