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I woke up at 530 am today. I was ready to get up. I never really stopped since. I went to the gym, ran to the machine shop for my honey, went to check on grandpa, went to Kmart, went to the cemetary, the bank, wegmans, a car show, visited with a friend, made a few phone calls, did dishes, laundry, washed the floor, wrote out bills, made dinner… I am feeling better. It feels so good to be able to do all of this in one day. I am so thankful.


This week I worked with my kinesologist. He tested the energy between me and some other people. He tested it using a scale of 1- 10 with 10 being the best. My fiancees energy for me is a 9. I am a 10 for him. I then said I have told him I am perfect. ha haha

and some people that bug me were a 1, 2 and3. hmmmm

No one has the power to hurt you or make you feel terrible.

I never really believed this but it is true.

Everything is up to us. It all depends on our thoughts. Do we take things personally? Do we believe others will always be rude? Are we mean to others?

It is a hard lesson for me. I always have a but.. But she is.. but she said… It really doesnt matter.. It is about me, what I think, what I believe about me..

We are magnets. What we think comes true. What we fear comes true.

Thoughts travel instantly. We have over 60,000 a day. And yesterday we had many of the same ones that we have today. We need to guard them carefully.

I know many of you may this is wacky but it is true!

Today I called the kinesiologist that I am working with. I told him I did not feel well. I told him I drank ice tea on Friday. Well I was right. The aspartane in that reacted negatively in my body. I knew it. As soon as I drank half the glass I told my fiancee my body felt funny. I also said my back was hurting. He said I am linked to my fiancees grandpa. I dont understand it but believe it. We fixed that. He did a few other things. I dont know what they were for. I do feel better now. This stuff is amazing. I had him work on my fiancee too. He has had this loud annoying cough for months. That is now gone. Thank god. It was so annonying. He also worked on my fathers foot. My dad told me he felt a difference. He cannot believe it. I know it all sounds wacky but it works.. Thank God..I am getting better, more and more every day.

Last night I went to bed early. I was whipped. I had energetic corrections done earlier in the day. Today when I woke up I barely could get up. I forced myself up because I had a hair appointment. When I got there they told me it had to be rescheduled because the girl was sick. They said they had the wrong phone number listed for me. Oh well. Then today I had a couple more corrections done. Now I am really tired. But it is OK because I AM GETTING BETTER!!!! This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!

So my dad has been having trouble with his foot. I talked to my kinesologist today. He did a correction for him. I later called my dad and asked him how he was doing. He said today is the best day I have had so far. He said did you have that guy work on me. I said yes. He is amazed. It is so amazing. I get so excited talking about it.. It has made such a wonderful difference with me! This is the healing mode of the fur

So I read the book the secret. It talks about the law of attraction. It says we can get anything we want. We just have to ask, believe and be thankful for it. I really think it is true. A couple weeks ago I did not feel well. That is all I talked about. then I talked to a friend. She reminded me of this. I decided I would go on with my day and not talk or think about my pain. It was hard but I did it. I feel better too!! It is like we are magnets whatever we put out we get. I am trying very hard to watch my thoughts. It all sounds like nonsense but I truly believe it. I believe that is how I got my boyfriend now. I always hoped to find someone, made an effort to meet people, believed I was lovable… I even did it with work before. I would say I am going to have a great day and I would. I do it now with my health. I have been feeling better alot lately. The power of the mind, energy.. is amazing.

Health is all about energy. I had some energetic corrections done today. I feel better already. The body is so complicated. It truly is amazing. I am so thankful.

Some affirmations for me today.

1. I am healed completely.
2. I am loved.
3. I am safe.
4. I am guided.
5. I am lucky.
6. I am wonderful.
7. I am blessed.
8. I am happy.
9. I am calm.
10. I am terrific.

What goes around comes around.

 I have seen it over and over… We all get what we put out.

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