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I went out for groceries today. When I came home my kitchen door was closed again. NO ONE was over. That has happened 3 times now since Grandma died…

Last night I was talking to my cousin- my favorite one- and was telling her about it. Then there was a loud noise. She heard it over the phone. I checked my whole house. Nothing was out of place. We were talking about Grandma when we heard it. It was her too. I wonder how they do this stuff..

I gave my fiancee hell the first time my door was closed. I thought he did it. I have apologized to him.


The day of my grandmas funeral no one was at my house. When I came home my kitchen door was closed. I did not close it. I thought it must of been my fiancee, snooping. I gave him hell. He said he did not. I thought well maybe I did and forgot. But something inside of me still did not fully agree with that. Today I went out. No came over. The door was closed again. I know for sure I did not close it. I am spooked. I never get that spooked. Who did it? Someone tell me. What does that mean? I wonder if it was my hubbie, grandma, cousins, grandpas… I hope I figure this out. It is a sign but I dont understand it yet.

It was at the same place as my husbands. She will be buried in the same cemetary. I never knew that when I made my husbands arrangements… I did ok for the first viewing. The second one was so hard. I did not feel well and there were so many flashbacks..To see my family sad and in pain also is not easy..Today is the church service. I am reading the words to a song about celebrating her life and knowing we will see her again. Oh yeah and the lights went out due to an ice storm. A viewing in the dark. You cannot even imagine…

So I was listening to the song I’ll Fly Away  on my computer( that my cousin who sings WONDERFUL) had recorded before my grandma passed. All of a sudden I feel like someone else is in my house watching me. I feel it is my grandma and my grandpa. They stand arm in arm. It has been 43 years apart for them. How she did it I have no idea.. Another post… I think is that them..It was..I email my friend the next day and ask her about it. She is an expert with channeling soo.. She said yes. How cool is that. They flew in and out like the song. It was so cool. I love signs.. so glad I recognize them.

So I decided to go to my second home-the cemetary where Grandma will be buried. I spent sooo much time there, I feel at home there. I drive past my husbands grave after stopping for a few minutes… I usually go out a certain route but today decide a different route. As I go down the other road an old man flags me down. He was stuck there at the cemtary. He had come to visit his wife and his car got stuck in the mud. He had been there an hour. He said I was the first car he saw. It was cold out. It would of been dark in one hour. I told him to get in my warm truck. I thought for a brief second are you harmless and felt yes. I called AAA for him. We chatted while waiting for them. He told me he had been married 53 years. He did not know if she would be his wife in heaven. I told him what I believed-yes, they hear us, see us, come back to visit on earth…. He was so sweet. He was so broken about it all..People have said the dumbest things to him too. I told him people mean well..I told him only someone that lost their spouse would understand..He did ask if I worked at the cemetary in the beginning. I laughed and said no. I should. I am out there all the time…I was so happy I had the need to go and drive out the one road. I almost missed him…It felt good to help him.

Today is my late grandfathers birthday. He died over 40 years ago. My grandma died today. He came to get her. I just know it. Spirits are more active on dates such as birthdays.. What a present he got. What a present she got after all those years….Together again…..

Grandma say hi to my husband and give him a BIG hug for me. 

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