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I was over my boyfriends last night. I was sitting with grandpa watching tv. Then I felt someone. It was grandma again. Even my honey could feel her. I told grandpa. He then looked up at her picture. He said hi baby. He then said if she was here we would be naked on the couch. Always thinking of that. ha ha Grandma had no message. She is lingering I think because he is going soon.


Did you ever hear of a psychotheraphy generator? I saw a pyramid one out of paper on grandpas head yesterday. I asked about it. He denied knowing it did anything. He told me he put it there to get it out of the way. I was laughing so hard in my head at that point.

He told my honey he went and planned his funeral.

I dont understand what is going on.

Yesterday we had to take grandpa to the hospital. He is suffering. While we were there I had the jittery feeling again. At one point I thought the grandma was standing with them. But I was not positive. Today when my fiance drove by the hospital he got chills. I think grandma is here. She is coming back for her husband. We shall see.

Last night my fiance and I went to his house to roll some change. Ihelped until my favorite tv show came on. I went upstairs to watch Ghost Whisperer. He was in the basement counting change. Grandpa was dozing in the living room. While watching tv I decide to go to the bathroom. Suddenly I feel someone in there with me. I think what the hell. I look over and see no one. I think is it my husband. I dont think so. I am all jittery at this point. I then go back to watch my show. I feel them follow me. They stand there and watch me. I cannot see them. But I feel them. That is how I know they are there. Finally a few minutes later my show ended. I go downstairs to tell my honey what is going on. I go down there and say honey I have a ghost following me through your house. I dont know who it is. He believes in this stuff but gets spooked by it. He then says as soon as you came down the stairs I got chills down my back and arms. All of his hair was standing straight up. I then was freaked out. We figured out it was his grandma. we try to figure out what she wants. I then call a friend who is better at this than me. She is not home. I try her cell, no answer. I tell him I am going upstairs where it is quiet to figure this out. I lay on his bed and ask a bunch of questions. Is she here to take grandpa? Does she have a message for us? I feel she wants to take him soon. But I am not sure. Then I hear my fiancee yell for me. I run downstairs. I forget what he said. Then I said I am going back upstairs to try again. I get halfway up the stairs. I hear a voice say no go back and sit with him. So I turn around and so back. I tell him what I heard. Everytime we hear his grandmas name now he gets chills. I am very jittery. Finally he runs upstairs to grandpa. He yells at him and say have you been dreaming of grandma. He says no. He then says what happened and that she is here to talk to you so pay attention. The grandpas eyes were bigger than saucers he tells me. I am in the kitchen. I cannot believe that just happened. I give grandpa a few minutes. I go back and sit with him. I tell him I feel her. I dont know what is going on. I ask does he believe it all. He says he does. He does not think we are crazy. Since my fiancee was really spooked I decided to spend the night. Lately we both sleep at our own houses. He hogs the bed and neither of us end up sleeping. Anyways. I fall asleep. He does too. I wake up alot. Nothing else happened. But it was spooky. I really just want to know what she wanted. Why mess with us and not tell us? Be fair. TIme till tell I guess.

Today I called the kinesiologist that I am working with. I told him I did not feel well. I told him I drank ice tea on Friday. Well I was right. The aspartane in that reacted negatively in my body. I knew it. As soon as I drank half the glass I told my fiancee my body felt funny. I also said my back was hurting. He said I am linked to my fiancees grandpa. I dont understand it but believe it. We fixed that. He did a few other things. I dont know what they were for. I do feel better now. This stuff is amazing. I had him work on my fiancee too. He has had this loud annoying cough for months. That is now gone. Thank god. It was so annonying. He also worked on my fathers foot. My dad told me he felt a difference. He cannot believe it. I know it all sounds wacky but it works.. Thank God..I am getting better, more and more every day.

Yesterday I went to check on my fiancees grandpa. He is 86. His health is failing. He is not able to get out more than once every few weeks. He has only a nephew besides us that cares about him. In the past few months he has gone from being a crabby mean old man to a pleasant grateful man. It is unreal. The change is remarkable. I told him yesterday that he inspires me. He said how. I told him that I get frustrated with my health, find it challenging… I told him he has it worse than me and he handles it better. He says being upset about it is not going to help is it. I thought wow. He usually is not one with advice. (Except advice on how to have good sex which is a whole different post!)So I am going to try VERy hard to accept what is and not complain.

My fiancees grandpa is dying. He has all the signs. I feel sad. I dont know why. He is 86 and has been suffering for a while. I have gone to see him the past 2 days. He sleeps the whole time. He wakes for a minute or two and then he is out again. The dying process- the spiritual part is interesting. he has been talking to the other side. I cannot make out what he says though. I wish I could. All of this brings back my husbands death. I watched him die. It was traumatic. Anyways.. sending angels, love and light to grandpa during this time.

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