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Today I went for a walk for the first time in a long time. It feels so good to walk again. I am so happy I am feeling better.

The drs said I would always be sick, need medication, no cure… They were wrong!

I have not had any medication in 6 months! Not even a tylenol!

Natural stuff is the way to go. That is what helped me.

I am determined to take better care of me. I want to be healthy.


The other day I went to my niehgbors cottage for the day. I went to the beach. I was the only one there. It was warm and sunny. I laid there for 2 hours. It was so nice. Especially so quiet and peaceful. The water was cool. I only put my feet in. Later on I went back to the cottage and had lunch. After that I went back to the beach. A few people were now there. I laid there some more. It was so nice. I really can appreciate peaceful days.

Yesterday was the first time in 6 years that I stood at the counter to cut up vegetables. I used to always sit at the table to do it because I was in pain. It was so nice. I was so happy. It is amazing how I now feel.

I feel like I have been set free.

Last night I went to the mall. I got to walk around and shop. Not a big deal to most people but to me it was like I won the lottery. It was so nice to do that. I have missed it. I am so happy my health is improving each day. I know I will be completely healed soon. I can feel it. From all that I have gone through from my health to losing my husband I am grateful for everything I can do and everything I have.

Everyone today has been happy. All because of the weather. Today has been beautiful!! It is amazing the effects the sun has on people. I sat on my porch awhile today reading a magazine. It was so nice. Just a simple thing but it made me so happy. I listened to the birds chirp, felt the breeze, the warmth of the sun, listened to kids play. It was so nice. I am so happy and grateful for days when I feel like this.

Today has been so nice. sunny and warm. Well at least for this time of year. I opened some windows. It is so nice to get fresh air. It always makes someone feel happy. I really wonder what it is like to live in a warm climate all year. No snow, rain.. It has to be paradise. I know someone that moved to Hawaii. Wow. The only thing that prevents me from doing that is my family. I have a great family and would be sad if I moved that far away. Anyways.. I got to go for a car cruise. My first of the year. That was fun. Today we will use the bbq and cook sausage. The littlest things are making me so happy lately. It feels soooo good.

So today I woke to birds chirping. It was so nice. Seems like forever since I heard them. Sometimes the littlest things make me so happy.

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