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Orange is the color of the second chakra. Chakras are energy centers of the body. The second chakra is the sexual organs and such. Well I have always HATED the color orange. I made fun of a date that I had that wore orange. I thought how could you wear orange. I made fun of it because I need it . That is why I didnt like it. Well I need orange to balance the second chakra. I thought the other day the next time you buy clothes you have to buy orange. I have NEVER bought anything orange. Well today I bought a tank and orange napkins. I am so proud of myself. It may seem silly to you but this is real. Ask my cuz she knows my issues with orange. HA


The other day I spent 3 hours on the phone. After that I had a huge knot in my shoulder. I was in severe pain.I barely could turn my head or raise my arm. I tried a hot shower, rubbing it, deep tissue oil. All of it helped a bit. Yesterday I got a massage. Wow. That really helped. She had to work under my arm. It hurt like hell when she was doing but I feel better now. Thank goodness.

For the past month my tailbone goes in and out. It messes up other body functions. I never had a problem with it before. during the night I get out my Louise Hay book. It talks about the mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical ways to overcome them. I looked up tailbone. The mental cause for sacrum is loss of power and old stubborn anger. The coccyx is out of balance with yourself, holding on, blame of self and sitting on old pain. HMMMMMMM Holding on.. sittin on old pain. Who does that ? Not me. Yeah right. That has been my issue lately.REALLY struggling with it. Every week something happens. Lights blow, I hear songs, my sister gives me a cd…. So today I asked myself to get rid of these mental thoughts and to believe that I need to live in today and love who I am.

Today I called the kinesiologist that I am working with. I told him I did not feel well. I told him I drank ice tea on Friday. Well I was right. The aspartane in that reacted negatively in my body. I knew it. As soon as I drank half the glass I told my fiancee my body felt funny. I also said my back was hurting. He said I am linked to my fiancees grandpa. I dont understand it but believe it. We fixed that. He did a few other things. I dont know what they were for. I do feel better now. This stuff is amazing. I had him work on my fiancee too. He has had this loud annoying cough for months. That is now gone. Thank god. It was so annonying. He also worked on my fathers foot. My dad told me he felt a difference. He cannot believe it. I know it all sounds wacky but it works.. Thank God..I am getting better, more and more every day.

I read the book the Four Agreements. In one part of it it says you have every right to ask questions. You may get a yes or no but you can ask questions. I have been doing that in situations and it is helping with life.

I love music by Steven Halpern. I recently orderd some new cds. They had a sale buy 3 get 2 free and shipping and handling for only 2.98. So bascially I got 5 for $50. That is great. Especially since they are healing cds. Some of his music has subliminal messages that our subconscious hears. It then reprograms our brain and thinking. They have cds for everything- dieting, smoking, money, sleep, relax, etc. I have the relax one. It works wonders for me. One of the new ones I ordered is for intimacy. It has messages for the partners to help open up to each other. I am going to play it all day when my fiancee is here. HA. I cannot wait to get the cds..

Last night I went to bed early. I was whipped. I had energetic corrections done earlier in the day. Today when I woke up I barely could get up. I forced myself up because I had a hair appointment. When I got there they told me it had to be rescheduled because the girl was sick. They said they had the wrong phone number listed for me. Oh well. Then today I had a couple more corrections done. Now I am really tired. But it is OK because I AM GETTING BETTER!!!! This is so amazing!!!!!!!!!

So my dad has been having trouble with his foot. I talked to my kinesologist today. He did a correction for him. I later called my dad and asked him how he was doing. He said today is the best day I have had so far. He said did you have that guy work on me. I said yes. He is amazed. It is so amazing. I get so excited talking about it.. It has made such a wonderful difference with me! This is the healing mode of the fur

So I read the book the secret. It talks about the law of attraction. It says we can get anything we want. We just have to ask, believe and be thankful for it. I really think it is true. A couple weeks ago I did not feel well. That is all I talked about. then I talked to a friend. She reminded me of this. I decided I would go on with my day and not talk or think about my pain. It was hard but I did it. I feel better too!! It is like we are magnets whatever we put out we get. I am trying very hard to watch my thoughts. It all sounds like nonsense but I truly believe it. I believe that is how I got my boyfriend now. I always hoped to find someone, made an effort to meet people, believed I was lovable… I even did it with work before. I would say I am going to have a great day and I would. I do it now with my health. I have been feeling better alot lately. The power of the mind, energy.. is amazing.

So I went to the spa today. So relaxing. AHH… I went in the outside hot tub, inside hot tub, sauna, steam room and pool. Then I had my detoxifying clay wrap and lotion. The guy did a scalp massage, foot massage and massaged as he rubbed the lotion in. My skin is so soft now. The man that worked on me was pleasant. He said I was a delight. I thought that was nice. Just a little compliment made my day. It proves you never know the impact of what you say to others .Today was so nice. However I missed my cousin. She came with me before and it was so much fun. Today I heard there was a topless woman with just a thong on in one of the hot tubs. So glad I did not see her.

I have found when the body is relaxed the mind HAS to follow. After my husband died I used to go for massage frequently. I found it helped with my grief, stress…

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