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This website explains things in a nice way.. I found it helpful.


This is very informative about the signs of dying. It is important to understand them if you are caring for the dying. It will help you and the loved one waiting to pass.

This explains the dying process. I never knew about the process until I read it in a book from Hospice. I found it helpful to know and understand what is going on and why. I remember being upset because my husband would talk to others and not me. He would only talk a little to me. He always wanted to be with me. He even demanded that I stay home and make his dad go get his medicine. I said no but he argued with me. He wanted me, not his dad.  My presence comforted him.  Looking back is 20/20. I wish I would of known this then.

By understanding the signs you will know what is going on and not take offense to the behavior like I did. 

When my husband got sick some people were there for us. I thank God for them. Some fell off the side of the earth. That hurt. However I learned that many of them did not know what to say or do so they choose to do nothing..

If you have a dying friend just say – I dont know what to say…Bring over a dinner….Visit with them and talk to them. We liked when people came over and distracted us for a short time. …Tell us you care….Send a card…Say a prayer…Just sit and listen to the sick person…Send an email……

What goes around comes around….. 

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