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It’s been 2 years, you should be over it. 

What exactly is “IT”?

I’ll tell you what “IT” is… 

IT is his birthday, but there is no him. 

IT is realizing you’ll never again see his beautiful eyes, his beautiful smile. 

IT is April 15 and you sign “filing as surviving spouse”— surviving, yes…living, no. 

IT is people forgetting and you cry.

IT is people remembering and you cry.

IT is remembering and you cry. 

IT is your wedding anniversary, and for the first time you really understand the words, “till death do us part.”  

IT is the first glimpse of sunrise and in your last waking breath, and even finds ways to creep into your sleep and your dreams.

So, maybe when someone tells you that you should be over it by now, you should just tell them what “IT” really is. 


No one wants to talk about it.

No one knows what to say.

It is given 3 days and thats it.

That is the problem.

Society needs to talk about dying, death and healing.

If we did talk about it more, everyone would handle it better.

The dying would die in peace.

People would know how to act around the dying.

Death is only a change of worlds. If you had this belief it would comfort you.

For the widow/widower to understand grief ( it is complicated and never ending) would be helpful..

 My hope is that this blog helps you…

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